Current Conditions

DATE: Sunday 23rd June 2019

Kitchen renovations begin Monday! We’ve already emptied most of the kitchen out and will be moving to a more limited menu for the next 6-8 weeks while we renovated, so no bacon and egg rolls or muffins today! The coffee machine is going strong and we’ll be using takeaways so we’d really appreciate if your brought your KEEP CUPS :)

A chilly morning down at the Baths don’t forget a jumper for post swim and your 20c for the shower.

Entry prices 2018/2019
Adult: $5.50
Concession: $2.60
Family: $15
30 Swim Pass: $150

Baths Water Temp



NSW Office of Environment and Heritage: Ocean Beaches Daily Pollution Forecast

Wylie's Community Events

International Yoga Day Supports Mental Wellbeing

Free International Yoga Day - suitable for all levels. The full one-hour yoga and Meditation is a beautiful Hatha Flow Yoga with guided and silent meditation.It's a special time to practice as a community tuning into the calming sounds of the ocean. Yogarama in partnership with Wylie's Baths has donated thousands of dollars to support much-needed research into mental wellness and mindfulness at the Black Dog Insitute. The benefits of yoga and meditation for mental health so come along and support this charity at our community events.

Baths Bookings

Upcoming Private Functions at Wylies - evening pool closure is also for "Key Holder" Season Passes.