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Winter Warmerssml

Friday, 9th August: Citizens of the World
Wylie's Winter Warmers is back with the local modern Indie Band - Citizen of the World for the perfect way to warm up during the chilly winter months.

$ 10 ticket price includes entry, live entertainment with bar and kitchen open.

Delicious hot mulled wine and drinks available from the bar to purchase at reasonable prices as well as food choices for everyone.


Conditions Report
Last update: 22 July 2024, 07:22

Time Open: 7AM
Time Closed: 5PM

From this Sunday afternoon (21/7) until Thursday (25/7) there will be maintenance work on the main deck so there will be limited space for seating. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

Goodmorning, today high tide will be at 8:56am with low tide at 2:26pm. Swimming conditions should be best later this afternoon towards low tide.

Customers are welcome to work from Wylie’s however we do not provide charging facilities. Powerpoints are for staff use only. Thanks for your cooperation.

Swim courteously. Allow space to lap without colliding with other swimmers.

Baths Water Temp



Restoration Project

Support Wylie's Baths Trust

About the project

The Wylie's Baths Maintenance Fund: Securing the Future of Our Community Pool.

Help us renew our beloved facility 25 years after the last restoration through your tax deductible donation today.

Donations to Wylie’s maintenance are greatly appreciated and can be made here

Question: When is the best time to swim at Wylie's Baths?

Great question!

: It depends.

Wylie's Baths is built below the high-water mark, which means it gets flushed twice daily by the high tide. If there is much swell (wave action) about, this can create quite rough and dangerous conditions. If you are after "still water" for lap swimming & those infinity pool vibes, best to come in the window of 3 hours before low tide and 3 hours after low tide. Depending on how big the swell is, this window of 'good lap swimming' will diminish ie some days, you're only good for 30 minutes either side of the low mark.

Most importantly, Wylie's Baths is a dynamic tidal pool environment. It's also a 'living pool' with marine life, a natural rock bottom, octopus, fish, sea urchins, and more!

Swim within your ability, and if you aren't sure about getting in, we encourage you to sit and watch the conditions for ten minutes or more, as lulls between sets can give you a false sense of calm in the pool.

If you prefer the whirlpool scene - the high tide will give you better wave action!

Keep in mind, the most dangerous and exposed area of the pool is the northern wall - the one closest to Coogee Beach. As waves crash in to the pool, the water level rises and rushes out via the path of least resistance - north - and can take YOU with the rush of water. Please be mindful of this and follow all signage or instructions related to pool restrictions, or considering your ability & the risks associated with rougher conditions.

Any questions? Ask our staff and we can help you!

Useful links and forecasts:

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage: Ocean Beaches Daily Pollution Forecast
Tide Chart: 2023 BOM Tide Chart

Upcoming Private Functions at Wylie's Baths

If you would like to hire Wylie's for your special event, please check out our Venue Hire section of our website.

Date Hired Area Time of Event Event Management Patron/Key Holders Access?
Wednesday 3 July Entire Facility 5am to 1pm Wylie's Baths No Key Holder Access
Friday 5 July Entire Facility 5pm to 10pm Wylie's Baths No Key Holder Access
Saturday 6 July Northern Marquee 4pm-9pm Wylie's Baths
Saturday 27 July Entire Facility 4pm-11pm Wylie's Baths No Key Holder Access
Friday 9 August Entire Facility 5pm to 9pm Wylie's Baths No Key Holder Access
Saturday 17 August Entire Facility 5pm to 10pm Wylie's Baths No Key Holder Access
Saturday 28 September Entire Facility 5pm to 10pm Wylie's Baths No Key Holder Access
Friday 4 October Entire Facility 5pm to 10pm Wylie's Baths
Friday 11 october Entire Facility 5pm to 10pm Wylie's Baths No Key Holder Access
Saturday 23 November Entire Facility 5pm to 11pm Katering No Key Holder Access